Here's the BeeHopr Basics!

Who can join?

Anyone who is a professional in his or her field and wants to grow their business network can join BeeHopr.  To be considered a professional, you must be actively working in your field of expertise.  

Do I have to work in my profession full-time?

Yes.  The goal of BeeHopr is to generate as much revenue as possible for all active members.  To do so, all members must trust one another and know each member has the knowledge to succeed in their profession.

What is a minority and women's team?

BeeHopr stands with all businesses that support BIPOC and believe equality is the cornerstone of success.  We also know the struggles women and minorities go through on a day-to-day basis.  Quite simply, sometimes it's easier and more productive to work in an environment where others have experienced the same frustrations. If you're interested in learning more about these issues watch our video here and contact us here to request a minority and women's team.

Will I be the only one in my profession in my Team?

Yes.  Each BeeHopr team has only one member per profession.  For example, if you are an accountant, you will be the only accountant in your team.  If you are an attorney within a specific field, you will be the only attorney within that field.  This allows you to maximize your opportunity with minimal competition from others in your profession.

How do I know everyone in my Team is a legitimate professional?

The goal of networking is trusted referrals.  BeeHopr's proprietary CRM with built-in ranking system allows for each member to upload any pertinent information regarding his or her background and professional details.  BeeHopr also provides a ranking system for each member.

What is the maximum number of members per Team?

Each BeeHopr Team has a maximum of 20 full-time members with an allowance of 3 guests per meeting.

What is Member Shuffle?

Member Shuffle allows BeeHopr users to increase their referral opportunities and expand their networks by shuffling Teams every 90 days. 

What is the difference between a Local and Global Team?

BeeHopr allows each user to choose between Local and Global teams.  If you are looking to expand your business outside your local area, choose “Global".  

What if I already use a different CRM?

If you use another CRM and use Outlook or Gmail,  you can download your contacts and import them to BeeHopr.

What is peer-to-peer?

BeeHopr offers meetings structured with peer-to-peer advisory and guidance to help members with any day-to-day struggles in running their businesses. BeeHopr's moderated open dialogue connects members with similar issues to support and problem-solve with the ultimate goal of building robust, healthy and profit-generating businesses

Do I have to bring referrals to every meeting?

Yes.  This is the goal of BeeHopr.  You want to build your network of trusted resources as do your Team members.  The only way this can be achieved is to always actively be seeking referral opportunities.