About Us


BeeHopr was founded in 2019 with the sole reason being to help businesses grow and succeed.  We felt there was a need for a dynamic web-based networking tool that did not exist.

We’re big believers in the power of networking – we have it done it ourselves throughout our careers.  To put it simply, we got tired of waking up at 5am once a week to meet our networking group – the same group week after week after week – and knew there had to be a better, cheaper and more modern and efficient way.

Our goals are to bring the world together via networking and for the last year we have been working hard to bring you the first and only online networking platform with all the CRM tools you need.

We are focused on networking.  Plain and simple.  We believe a great product speaks for itself.  We are committed to helping you succeed and build your connections as an Entrepreneur, small or large business, Freelancer, Moonlighter or any professional. 

Let’s get BeeHopping and start building your network now.

Where Success Meets

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New York, NY 10010

Suggestions? - We always have your best interest at heart so if you have any suggestions you can always drop a line here or email us at info@beehopr.com.  We read and respond to every email.