BeeHopr brings the proven success of in-person peer-to-peer business networking directly to your computer, tablet or smartphone.


Join peers from other complementary professions in real-time on your computer, tablet or smartphone.


Exchange, advise, learn and provide ideas, resources, contacts, leads, referrals and more with your BeeHopr peer-to-peer team.


Expand your business now! BeeHopr automatically introduces you to new members every 90 days.

Become a BeeHopr

  • 1. Join a team

    Get empowered. Select a day and time that works with your schedule.
  • 2. Meet Online

    Say goodbye to travel! Our powerful advanced video conferencing platform allows your team to meet face-to-face via computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • 3. Share Referrals

    Build trusted, mutually beneficial relationships for a common goal: revenue generation. By becoming a trusted resource of your team, together you will share valuable referrals.
  • 4. Member Shuffle

    It’s not over yet! Every 90 days we shake it up. Our system will shuffle you into a new group of peers with similar qualities.


Where Success Meets.

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Join BeeHopr Now

  • 1. Simplicity

    It’s simple and efficient. No more travel and expensive meetings at inconvenient hours.
  • 2. Video

    All the benefits of in-person meetings virtually.
  • 3. Success

    Boost your revenue. Grow your network. Benefit from engaging with other entrepreneurs, business owners, industry professionals and freelancers.

The Smartest Most Convenient Way to Network

See how we can help grow your business through timely & meaningful connections.